Gordon Ramsay eats Shark Fin Soup for the first time!

More new info, www.seashepherd.org Gordon Ramsay from his special “Shark Bait”, he tries Shark Fin Soup in Taiwan! This is a must see clip! We donate a portion of all app sales to help saving our oceans and stoping this kind of abuse. You can help, donate here, my.seashepherd.org Also foie gras info, youtu.be
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  • hankko722 says:

    well, I’m a Taiwanese and I know the harm fin soup causes, so that’s why I never even try it once in my life.
    However, it’s a tradition, just like every other culture, people wear and use leather. What we should do now is reducing it as much as we can, not just criticize it ethnocentrically

  • achancolon says:

    While you can’t change the cultural habits of the older generation, you can influence the younger generation by deep awareness and early education. I’ve eaten sharkfin since young but as I got older and educated myself , I no longer eat them but I know for sure regardless of the awareness of these shark’s suffering, my parents and grandparents will still eat them because it’s already deep in their cultural roots. I will set a good example…it has to start somewhere…

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